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Safe, cost-effective solutions for your liquid handling needs . . . .

Our flexible tanks can be used for fuel and water storage or shipping; for potable water, waste water, black water, diesel fuel, jet fuel, rainwater collection, collapsible bladders, temporary liquid storage, emergency uses, chemicals, fire fighting, storm preparedness, personal back packs, Handi-tanks, pickup trucks, liners, cistern liners, blivets, flexitanks, reefer tanks and containers, flat bed trucks, flexible containers, air bladders, lift bags, open top tanks, onion tanks, secondary containment, spill berms, ground sheets, berm liners, custom tarps, protection barriers, etc.   

The only limit is your imagination……

In addition to standard sizes, we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom products.    

Our experienced team at JKS is dedicated to the manufacture of quality products suitable for all residential, commercial and military applications.

No project too large or too small